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The Most Beautiful Places in the Bahamas to Visit by Superyacht

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The Bahamas is an archipelago of over 700 islands and cays stretching irresistibly through the Atlantic Ocean. It is a perfect swirl of tropical beauty, turquoise seas, white and pink beaches and abounding nature. For superyachts it makes for some of the most idyllic cruising on the planet. Stay near the main island of New Providence, or venture to the Outer Islands, where privacy, adventure and utter beauty await. Despite Hurricane Dorian creating devastation in some parts of the Bahamas in 2019, the islands are once again flourishing and open for business. There are a lot of incredible places to visit in the Bahamas, these are some of our favourites.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island, Eleuthera

On Harbour Island, just off Eleuthera, three-mile long Pink Sand Beach is as magical as its name implies. Blushing a soft rose colour, the powdery sand is straight out of a fairytale, the crushed red pebbles mixing with the sugar white sand to create one of the prettiest beaches in the Bahamas. Go at sunset to really see the pink and white swirls in all their glory.

Ocean Atlas, Nassau

Renowned artist, conservationist and diver Jason deCaries Taylor unveiled his latest underwater statue, Ocean Atlas, in 2014. The largest sub-aquatic statue in the world measures 18 feet tall and weighs 60 tonnes, and makes for an unforgettable scuba, snorkel or free dive. Resting on the seafloor off Nassau, the statue of a girl will, as time progresses, become a stunning artificial reef.

Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island

The Bahamas are famed for their gargantuan blue holes, where the bottom seemingly drops out of the ocean. Pastel-hued turquoise turns abruptly into navy blue as the blue holes open up to reveal a world beneath the waves. On Long Island, one such blue hole is located a few metres off the perfect sandy beaches which fringe the 80-mile shoreline. Snorkel over an abyss believed to be the deepest in the world at 663 feet deep and imagine the wonders which exist beneath. Spend the rest of the afternoon taking shade under palm trees on one of the Bahamas’ most spectacular beaches.

Coco Plum Beach, Great Exuma, the Exumas

A swathe of simply perfect white, sugary sand stretches uninterrupted along the shores of Great Exuma, creating one of the most idyllic and picturesque places in the Bahamas. Lapped gently by the clearest of sea, it is tropical perfection. Wade out to the iconic wooden swings and sway serenely over the turquoise waters beneath you.

Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama

The beauty of the ocean comes to life in a heart-pounding way at Tiger Beach on Grand Bahama. Certified scuba divers can, along with trained dive guides, join a melee of sharks on this shallow reef, getting to experience the impressive power and majesty of these incredible predators up close and in a safe and controlled environment. The stars of the show are the stripy Tiger sharks, but plenty of other species can be spotted too including the Caribbean reef shark.

Pig Beach, near Big Major Cay, The Exumas

If swimming in the azure, fish-laden waters of the Bahamas isn’t quite enough of an adventure for you, try doing so with wild pigs. One of the planet’s greatest and most lovable mysteries is the phenomenon of the swimming pigs of The Exumas. Wild, friendly and adept swimmers, the colony of pigs live out their days on an isolated islet, welcoming visitors for the (permitted) snacks they bring them. No one really knows how they got there, but that just adds to their charm.

Green Turtle Cay

This miniature island is named for the many green turtles which frequent its waters and picture perfect beaches, and it is one of the Bahamas’ most undiscovered secrets. A slow-paced way of life prevails here, with New England–influenced architecture and stunning uncrowded beaches creating the perfect setting. Rent a golf cart or bicycle and set off to explore.

Greenwood Beach, Cat Island

If solitude is what you’re seeking, then Greenwood Beach on the southern end of Cat Island is the place to go. Over five miles of perfect, pink-hued sand stretches into an uninterrupted horizon. With just one small resort nearby, you’ll almost certainly have this beach to yourself. The nearby historic village of Port Howe makes for a lovely afternoon stroll after a day of Robinson Crusoe-esque beach combing.

Joulter Cay Beach, Andros

Another isolated beach perfect for superyacht tenders is the Joulter Cay off Andros Island, a pristine eco-tourism destination. These uninhabited cays are a haven for birds, turtles and marine life and are an important Birding Area in the Bahamas. Spend a day exploring the islets and lounging on a beach shared only with the region’s flourishing wildlife.

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