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A New Era of Yachting Trends

An overarching global mission to create ‘One Healthy Ocean’ has infiltrated all aspects of the yachting world, from yacht design to habits and behaviours onboard. Connectivity on yachts has never been better, and as a result, the way we are using and interacting on yachts has changed.

Tim Johnson, Founder and CEO of TJB Super Yachts reports: “Key themes from last year are very much rolling into 2021, with a key difference- the ethos behind travelling is more about the journey than the destination. We can see this echoed in the way that boats are being designed. We are more connected than ever before, and yachts are being adapted to suit our lifestyles, rather than the other way around. For that reason, I anticipate the proliferation of long haul yachting trips, which merge working from a yacht and time off will continue.”

“The pandemic has certainly cemented more of a balanced lifestyle, eliminating the demand for rushed holidays and ‘ticking destinations off the list’ holidays.” TJB Super Yachts takes a look at emerging trends in the superyacht industry in 2021.

Yachts With An Office

Excellence superyacht office

Excellence superyacht office takes cues from Floridian East Coast Deco.
Image credit: Winch Media Design

Choosing yachts used as a staycation is a prime objective for yacht owners and charter guests who, due to the pandemic, are looking for a more permanent ‘hub/retreat’ away from their primary residence. Lots of yachts offer spacious boardrooms and dedicated workspaces. Can you imagine having a better office view than overlooking twinkling azure waters of the Caribbean? Smart technologies and flexible working hours have made working from a boat more viable than ever before. Modern cellular networks provide boat owners with the capacity to work all along most coasts and inland waterways, making working from boats a viable option. State of the art technology such as VSAT wireless antennas has increased connectivity, making it possible for children to participate in agile educational programmes to continue education onboard. Many yachts offer conferencing facilities, plus accommodation for tutors and key workers.

Hydrofoiling Sports Yachts

Hydrofoiling Sports Yacht

Get ready to enter the new era of sailing. The latest editions of sports yachts harness the power of technology beyond the realms of gravity. A technological leap integrating hydrofoiling and sailing boats means that they can fly above the water, allowing them to gain lightning-fast speeds of up to sixty knots. Raised hulls from the water mean that the flow of fluid air is redirected, creating high- and low-pressure areas on opposite sides of the yacht’s extended areas while developing lift to the foil’s surface. The yachts in America’s Cup are a testament to how innovative technology can transform the world of sports.

Watch a video of the latest hydrofoil yachts in action here.

Sailing these vehicles does come at a cost, they are riskier because capsizing at high speeds of up to 50-60 knots causes far more damage than cruising at ten knots. The New York Yacht Club’s American Magic were recently denied their first points in the Challenger Series when Patriot capsized in the second race after encountering a massive gust of wind while going into a sharp turn Waitemata Harbour in Auckland. The series will determine who faces Team New Zealand in the America’s Cup.

TJB Super Yachts organise hydrofoiling toys and tenders for charter guests who want to embark on something hair-raisingly fast. If you’re more of a James Bond sea-toy adventure seeker, try out some of the host of state-of-the-art sea toys and crash around the azure coastline. TJB Super Yachts can organise personally tailored travel itineraries that incorporate a charter holiday to see America’s Cup live in New Zealand in March. See the nations will be battling it out in a bid to clinch the oldest trophy in the International Sports World.

Uncovering Unknown Worlds

Triton’s 3300/6 submarine in Tiffany-blue

Triton’s 3300/6 submarine in Tiffany-blue descends into the ocean.
Image credit: Triton Submarines

There is an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about unknown worlds. Whether that is through using submarines, diving or travelling to far-flung locations as a vehicle to escape by exploring underwater worlds. Marine life fanatics can take advantage of an extensive offering for divers looking to charter yachts. It isn’t difficult to source yachts that offer dive centres, and decompression chambers (which allows divers to complete their decompression stops at the end of a dive on the surface). It is relatively easy to charter yacht crew members that are PADI certified instructors. Lots of captains with an encyclopaedic knowledge of marine life and can take you to diving utopia. Some of the latest scientific vessels, such as REV Ocean, feature a moonpool. Although they may sound like something from Alice Through The Looking Glass, they are designed to allow divers to enter or leave the water easily in a more protected environment.

The proliferation of submersibles is taking the yachting world by storm, redefining how yacht owners and charter guests experience and interact with the ocean. Guests can unearth sunken treasures of the sea, or visit seamounts home to unique marine life species, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Moreover, the evolution of technology in submersibles means that the user experience has been enhanced. The Triton 3300/6 can facilitate up to six people on board, allowing the whole family to partake in an extraordinary experience together. Guests can play music on a sound system, charge their phones, cool their drinks in the mini-bar, and watch marine life around on the touch screen i-pads which echo the cameras on the top, bottom and sides, surrounding the craft.

Floating Villas

The offering of floating villas has widened over the past year, and we have seen new entries such as Arkup’s first fully sustainable solar-powered liveable yacht. Let’s take a look at some of the latest floating homes breaking boundaries in terms of design (and budget!).

Arkup Liveable Yachts

Arkup Liveable Yacht

Arkup Livable Yachts are more than just sustainable off-the-grid floating houses.
Photo credit: Arkup

Arkup is a self-propelled villa on the water that allows you to dock in a marina or wherever you choose. Live surrounded by water. Arkup homes eliminate all utility bills because the rainwater is harvested and the yacht runs on solar energy, and in most cases, owners will not have to pay property taxes.

The yacht can be lifted out of the water so that you can enjoy your home either elevated or just above sea level. You can lie at anchor in a marina or a bay, or cruise silently in waterways, bays or open sea. Arkup home provides you with total flexibility, and you are free to move your home wherever you desire.

Kokomo Ailand Floating Island

Kokomo Ailand Floating Island

Image credit: Migaloo Island

Migaloo Island is the pinnacle of exclusive real estate. This island is a blend between a private floating island and a luxury yacht, on semi-submersible platforms. This striking concept was dreamed up by design company Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts. The island can be personalised to suit your taste and needs. The penthouse is 80 metres above sea level with two private elevators and a glass jacuzzi. A tropical jungle room and an infinity pool are just some of the luxury features which bring you to a state of reverie.

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