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Had enough? Get away on a Superyacht holiday with our penalty-free cancellation

These unusual times we find ourselves in are seeing rules and regulations change on a daily basis. What is allowed one moment is, in the blink of an eye, seemingly not allowed in the next. Booking a much-needed holiday can be a minefield of concern and anxiety – the total opposite of what a break should be. Will the destination be safe for my family? How will we get there safely? What if the situation changes again and we can’t make it at all, do I lose my money?

Couple socially-distancing on a Super Yacht

Within the superyacht world, owners, charter agencies and the yachts themselves have been working tirelessly since the pandemic began to be able to answer those exact questions and allay any concerns would-be charterers may have. The industry is unique in these unprecedented times in being able to offer a service that very few, if any, other hospitality venues can. And that is safety. Safety financially, but most importantly personal safety. So how can you enjoy a COVID-19 secure superyacht charter?


Penalty-free Cancellations on Superyacht Charters

In addition to global changes made to the MYBA Charter Contract in the immediate wake of the pandemic outbreak, those looking to book a superyacht charter can book with confidence, safe in the knowledge that it is 100% cancellable for COVID-related issues. Some charter agencies, including TJB Super Yachts, want their clients to be able to book ahead without the fear that restrictions, whether they are national lockdowns or travel disruptions, means they are unable to make the charter. In doing so, they are allowing forward planning to take place with peace of mind, something which has become a valuable and rare commodity since early 2020. Booking a yacht charter now gives families something to look forward to, the excitement of a getaway and the experiences it offers. To be able to book with confidence and know that whatever happens between now and then you’re taken care of, is icing on the cake.


Socially Distanced Holidays

Socially-distanced holiday on superyacht with water toys

The very nature of a superyacht charter is the possibility to get away from it all, to escape the crowds, seek out hidden spots and to enjoy the utmost in privacy. The concept of social distancing has come to mean something very different in the last year, and superyachts are gliding into the arena fully equipped and ready to whisk their guests off to the most beautiful destinations where they can be assured of minimal contact with others.

Self-sufficient for prolonged periods at sea, superyachts can anchor offshore, allowing guests to enjoy the beaches and coastlines of their favourite destinations, or simply not go ashore at all. With toy lockers bursting with the latest in water toys, from kayaks and sail boats to inflatable slides, scuba equipment and all manner of adrenaline activities, families can while away their days in sheltered bays without venturing anywhere near to shore.


COVID-Secure Protocols on Superyachts

Ultra-luxury comes with the reassurance of some of the most advanced cleanliness and hygiene protocols in the hospitality industry, and long before COVID-19 superyachts were well-versed in maintaining an immaculate environment for their guests. Many offer state-of-the-art air purification systems, deep cleaning protocols and specially designed products offering high levels of antimicrobial protection.

When it comes to keeping everyone on board safe, yachts have implemented strict COVID-19 testing protocols and both crew and guests will need to produce a negative test result before boarding. External contractors are tested and quarantined before stepping foot on the boat, and turn-around times in between charters have been extended to allow for deep-cleaning and quarantining of crew.


Private Travel

Private jet

Air travel is proving to be one of the biggest hurdles to holidays, and while it might be difficult it isn’t impossible. Private air travel has seen an enormous boom post-COVID, and travelling by private plane or helicopter allows people to minimize the majority of the risks associated with commercial air travel. While private planes will have the same restrictions on entry as commercial airlines, and many countries are asking for a negative COVID test on arrival, it is possible to have minimum exposure throughout the entire journey.

In a world where even the smallest thing feels like it has changed, as you step on board a superyacht for your charter, the entire experience will remain mostly unchanged. The buzzing beach clubs and bustling restaurants of the Caribbean and Mediterranean’s top destinations might not be what they once were, and some destinations might be off the cards for now, but once on board guests will be able to relax as though nothing has changed. With impeccable service, luxury amenities and the world’s finest destinations as the backdrop, a superyacht charter is as unforgettable as it always was. And perhaps with renewed reflection on the things we once took for granted, it is now even better.

To discover more about booking a COVID-19 secure superyacht charter please get in touch with us and our knowledgeable brokers will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


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