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An Insider Guide to Italy’s Most Exclusive Island

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‘Capri makes you forget everything’ – Lenin, when visiting the island in 1910

To understand just what makes this island one of TJB Super Yacht’s most popular charter destinations, TJB team members Lois Jamieson, Tatiana St Pier and Emma Dann touched down in Capri for a few days of operating out of the Capri office and reconnecting with TJB Super Yachts’ Italian brokers, Valentina Christine Lieto and Nino De Matola – and after only a few days, it was evident why this enchanting island continues to come out on top.

Epitomising the La Dolce Vita era, Capri’s coastline reigns coveted – offering yacht charter clients a sense of privacy and seclusion. Expect dramatic views across the bluest ocean you’ve ever seen, whilst the scent of lemon blossoms urge guests to return time and time again. This area holds a certain magical quality unique to anywhere else in the world – it is pure romance.

Augustus Gardens, Walk Down To Sea


Affording breathtaking views across the Faraglioni, a wander around the Gardens of Augustus is a must. A dizzying drop from the top of a cliff edge into the azure Tyrrhenian Sea below, we traced the cliff edge from the picturesque Gardens of Augustus which look out across the Faraglioni, down to the furthest point for uninterrupted views across the Tyrrhenian Sea.


A luxury yacht charter showcases the wilder and truly magical sides of the island, as we discovered on our Capri Island Tour. A yacht unveils secret coves and caves, tiny beaches inaccessible by land, villas nestled in the cliffside, and towering rock formations rising above the deep blue waters.

Caves in Capri, Boat Tour
La Fontelina Beach Club, Capri


Directly opposite the Faraglioni, a day at La Fontelina beach club is must. This classic address occupied the most sought after position on the island. Only accessible by a small ferry from Marina Piccola or a thousand steps descending 300m, La Fontelina Beach Club remains an exclusive hangout to only those who know.


As the sun set on our time on Capri, we ventured back towards the Gardens of Augustas. Set on the rooftop of the Hotel Luna next to the famed gardens and just a 5-minute walk from the Piazzetta, Capri Rooftop is a unique spot to unwind with a Limoncello Spritz overlooking the famed Faraglioni as the sun dips below the horizon.

Faraglioni Rocks, Capri Rooftop Bar View


Nothing captures the essence of a place like its food and drink, and Capri is a top destination to experience the world’s finest flavours. Enjoy the local Caprese cuisine, a delightful blend of citrus, wine, basil, and truffles at some of the best Michelin-starred and rustic-style restaurants, appealing to all tastes.

Don’t miss our favourites: Spaghetti alla Nerano and Scalatielli Allo Scoglio, for a real infusion of Italian flavour. For wine enthusiasts, Capri is renowned for Fiano, an award-winning white wine produced on the Amalfi Coast. To eat, we recommend making a reservation at Da Paolino, Aurora and Panorama.

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