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Sicily: Discover First-Hand The Allure of This Tiny Island Off The Boot of Italy

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“To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.”

A fitting quote from Goethe’s Sicilian Journal in 1787 after having visited the island, perfectly paints a picture of Sicily. Only a short distance away from the glamorous Amalfi Coast, Sicily offers a totally different yacht charter experience, offering a glimpse into Italy’s past. If you’re lured to adventure and rural serenity, over the high-end glamour and sophisticated dining found on the Amalfi Coast, Sicily is the undiscovered gem you have been waiting for.

From a small slice of Sicilian paradise to the TJB HQ in London, Daisy and Tatiana adjust back to London life after a yacht show in Palermo, Sicily alongside fellow industry members, acquainting themselves with a selection of luxury yachts, their crew, and life as a guest onboard – returning with a new adoration for this tiny island off the boot of Italy.

A Mediterranean Treasure: Exploring Sicily’s Untouched Yachting Paradise

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Sicily doesn’t receive close to the amount of airtime that is deserves, however this is why we love it. Having said that, the island is no stranger to the big screen. From an undiscovered rambling island to hit comedy-drama series, Sicily recently shot into the spotlight following the breakout TV hit series White Lotus II. Following the White Lotus hype, it only made sense to explore just why Sicily has shot towards the top of one’s must-visit summer yacht charter destinations.

Aeolian Islands aside, we uncover the islands revolutionising Sicily as a top Mediterranean yacht charter destination. Serving as a crossroad for various Mediterranean civilisations, the art-deco city of Palermo has been shaped into a cultural cauldron. Encompassing with the rustic charm of the island, the yacht fleet show consisted of majority sailing yachts; both classic monohulls perfectly maintained, and stylish catamarans. Whilst larger motor yachts are welcomed into most Sicilian destinations, it’s a wonderful island to enjoy connecting with the wind under sail.


The West Coast comes highly recommended by Sicilian Captain Francesco of BLUE DESTINY, in particular the area of Marsala for its wines. Salt pans run between Marsala and Trapani and this is echoed in the local wine made on Mozia; fresh and delicate, with a faint saltiness. Although tiny, Mozia has a rich history and the wine – once produced by an English family – attracts charterers from all over.

Embarking in Palermo, traverse the headland west and drop the anchor at Isola delle Femmine for sundowners between the island and mainland. Pit-stop at the charming Castellammare del Golfo before spending the night at anchor in San Vito Lo Capo, famous for couscous. Tender ashore and hike the Zingaro nature reserve from shore up the mountain.


Half way to Trapani, step back in time at Grotta Mangiapane; an ancient village inside a cave, maintained to be historically accurate. Inhabited between1850-1950, this palaeolithic cave offers insight into what Sicily was like not so long ago. Enrich your luxury yacht charter and embark on a wildlife horse-riding safari, practice yoga and enjoy a dinner on the private island of Isola Langua, before cruising into the Aegadian Islands.


Introducing the Aegadian Islands off the west coast of Sicily, a group of 5 small islands all discoverable on a week-long Sicily yacht charter. Favoured by Captain Giuseppe of MY LOTTY, Marettimo and Favignana are perfect for families and friends looking for an active yacht charter in Italy, with all 3 main islands equipped with dive operators. Circumnavigate Favignana by bike, taking in mesmerising views and cycling through the undiscovered.

Marettimo is beautifully green with caves only accessible by organised boat. Not only does Marettimo offers guests a marine and land reserve, it’s great for hiking, with dramatic Dolomite landscapes luring the adventurous guests.

Charter beyond the ordinary in the Mediterranean and discover Sicily’s untouched west coast paradise with TJB Super Yachts on the ultimate summer yacht charter to Italy.

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