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With the new year in full swing, there is no better way to celebrate and look ahead to onboard your own luxury yacht charter. Experience the unparalleled feeling of freedom and privacy that can only be found at sea. Wake up to a different view every day, in remote and magical locations.  

Explore untouched locations, picture-perfect destinations and cultural treasure chests. From the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean to the stunning desert alongside the turquoise waters of the Red Sea. The highly knowledgeable yacht brokers at TJB are here to ensure you find the right yacht for you and your guests.  


For the explorers – Galapagos 

For the ultimate escape, head off the beaten path, to the Galapagos islands for your luxury yacht charter. These unspoiled volcanic islands make up this magical archipelago. Encounter the remarkable wildlife, including the iconic Galapagos tortoises. Swim alongside friendly sea lions, curious reef sharks and inquisitive penguins, these beaches are full of life compared to most beaches you will encounter!  

No Galapagos adventure would be complete without experiencing Darwin Island, recognised as one of the seven underwater wonders of the world this natural habitat is full of life and offers unique diving opportunities. Experience the breathtaking scenery whilst enjoying the luxury comforts onboard your private luxury superyacht.  

For the glam’ – French Riviera

From the Cosmopolitan culture to the sun-kissed lifestyle, the French Riviera has certainly earned its reputation for its indulgence in glamour and beauty. The jewel of the Mediterranean is best enjoyed onboard your luxury private yacht.  

Drop anchor near the exclusive beach clubs, stroll down the promenades exploring chic towns, café terraces and centuries-old churches and chapels. Head back to your crewed private yacht to enjoy drinks in the alluring riviera surrounded by stunning scenery, magnificent ports and striking blue waters. Our team of specialised superyacht brokers are on hand to help find the perfect yacht to enjoy on this glamorous coastline.  

yacht charter france st tropez
coral reef. Red Sea, Egypt yacht charter

For the best diving spots – Red Sea 

A haven for diving enthusiasts, the Red Sea is renowned for some of the best diving spots in the world. With a rich and vibrant ecosystem, this destination is a dream playground for water lovers. Famed for its world-class diving, a red sea luxury yacht charter offers the ultimate adventure.

What better way to experience this underwater wonderland than from your own luxury yacht. With thousands of species of fish, you can experience the thrill of swimming alongside rays, turtles, and even whale sharks. For the enthusiasts head down into the plunging, dramatic reef walls where you will be transported into an underwater oasis of beauty, life, and colour.  

For the parties – Balearic Islands  

The Balearic Islands are a cruising playground for superyachts. Make the most of the unrivalled ultra-chic party buzz of these islands. These idyllic islands hold a vibrant social scene best experienced in luxury from your private yacht.  

 In the summer months, the world’s top artists and DJs descend on the islands, making it the ultimate party destination. This unique landscape offers everything from glamorous parties to sunset chilling. Enjoy the ultimate superyacht lifestyle in these Spanish islands which offer an unparalleled charter experience.  

Ibiza yacht charter
Iconic blue domes of Santorini with TJB Yachting

For the history –  Greece 

The history of ancient Greece truly is one of the most fascinating in all of Western Civilisation. Behind the piercing blue skies, endless coastlines and bright blue seas lie a rich cultural heritage.

Discover the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic games and Western philosophy, from the ancient acropolis in Athens to the Old Town of Rhodes. Escape from busy modern life to this melting pot of culture, history and beauty. Onboard your Greece luxury yacht charter, immerse yourself into untouched natural wonders, incredible authentic food and beautiful landscapes.

For ultimate relaxation – 

The Maldives   

Experience this far-flung postcard paradise from your own private superyacht. Step away from reality and into a paradisal world where islets of white sand, dotted with tropical palms on dreamy atolls, appear to float on the glistening turquoise sea. The Maldives is the ultimate place to unwind and relax.  

Beneath the sea lies coral reefs blossoming with vibrant colours, an abundance of marine life, as well as old relics and remains of shipwrecks. Spend your evenings taking in the magical sunsets enjoying dinner prepared by your private chef onboard your luxury yacht charter as you gaze up at the starry night sky. Each day unwinds as you cruise from picture-perfect ‘desert islands’, indulging in sheer luxury around this quintessential destination.  

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