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TJB Super Yachts appoint Jeroen Out as Partner

Reflecting the strength of TJB Super Yachts talent and the company’s commitment to investing in the future of the business, TJB Super Yachts are proud to announce the appointment of Jeroen Out as a Partner.

Based in The Netherlands, Jeroen joined the company in 2015. As Head of Operations, he has had a monumental impact on client service, team leadership, internal system (CRM implementation), process development, and overall growth of TJB Super Yachts. 

“Jeroen’s promotion to a partner not only reflects his professional expertise, quality of service and team spirit but also highlights our unwavering commitment to supporting our yacht brokers as they develop and progress their careers at TJB Super Yachts,” said Tim Johnson, Founder and CEO of TJB Super Yachts.

Recognised by his colleagues as a dedicated and highly valued key member of TJB Super Yachts, Jeroen has successfully handled complex and challenging situations. He is extremely committed to his clients, effortlessly meets their needs, and exceeds expectations. His skills to find the right yacht, negotiate the best deal and plan remarkable experiences has resulted in a loyal group of clients.

Along with his current role as Head of Operations, Jeroen will oversee the expansion of the business and its global strategy. The growth of superyacht sales will be one of the key priorities, along with developing services such as yacht management and more. With the opening of new global offices at the end of 2021, Jeroen will continue managing the global team, training new yacht brokers, and managing the operations and financial sides of the business.

The leadership promotions are just one part of the company’s drive to ensure that TJB Super Yachts offers the best career development opportunities possible for its employees — a key component in maintaining a highly-skilled group of employees, that can address the full range of challenges experienced by clients.

Jeroen Out, Head of Operations

“I am incredibly grateful for this promotion and want to thank Tim for his trust, support and mentorship ever since I joined TJB Super YachtsI would like to express my gratitude to industry peers for their support and friendship. This is an incredible industry to be a part of and I look forward to many more years working with all of you,” said Jeroen. “Finally, I want to thank the entire team at TJB Super Yachts. Without them, we wouldn’t be here today. Every person at the company has a very important role to fulfil and I can’t wait to face the next challenges together. 2021 was an incredible year for us with a record-breaking number of charter bookings. I look forward to 2022 and the following years as we continue to grow our services.”

Meet Jeroen

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