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Our top ten tips for planning your superyacht party

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Do you have an upcoming milestone event that deserves a special celebration? At TJB Super Yachts we have helped create some of the most exquisite superyacht parties for our clients. We have selected the perfect boat, crew and destination and taken all the stress of research and planning into our hands. We know which magic ingredients need to come together to create a relaxed party atmosphere that feels authentic and spontaneous but orchestrated behind the scenes to the tiniest detail. Here are some of our top tips for your first superyacht party that we’ve honed from years of experience.

1 – plan ahead

The more time you give us, the more choice of yachts, destinations and berths we have to play with. Are you planning to host a superyacht party during the festive season such as St Barths for New Year or a global event such as the Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival or Miami Art Basel? We advise booking your superyacht charter no less than 18 months in advance. Planning ahead gives you time to ask your favourite people to save the date – after all,  you want to be surrounded by your A-list on the night.

2 – the yacht

Some of the superyachts have been custom-designed with luxury entertainment in mind. If you want to create a wild party atmosphere with space for everyone to dance together, there are superyachts with decks that transform into nightclubs and purpose-built spaces for live entertainment or DJs. If you want to create a pool-party vibe we can recommend some excellent superyachts with large pools and al-fresco decks with plenty of space for bigger groups. You might be looking for a more intimate space for the ultimate dinner party, in which case we will have the perfect superyacht in mind.

3 – the destination

Although the yacht is often the first big decision when planning a superyacht party, the destination plays a big part. We will discuss your vision and advise on a location that will enhance the event. Do you plan to sail your guests into the sunset and give them an Instagram-worthy backdrop of the coastline? Or are you looking to remain in your berth surrounded by twinkling city lights?

If you want to keep the party atmosphere going at VIP beach clubs on land, islands such as Ibiza in the Balearic Islands, Mykonos in Greece or Montenegro are known for their VIP nightclubs and exclusive beach bars. Finally, consider the location. If you are planning an event for New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean, book ahead for the best views of the fireworks. We always advise that the destination becomes part of the experience – you never want your guests to lose a sense of place.

4 – the dream team

The next critical decision that will dictate the success of your superyacht party is your crew. The good news is that we handpick our superyachts with the best crew to look after you so you can relax and enjoy the event. We never underestimate the importance of the crew on a superyacht, and we are in direct contact with everyone on board, from the experienced captain to your private chefs and 24/7 personal concierge. We only work with a team that matches the same high standards and welcoming approach we insist on at our own offices at TJB Super Yachts. 


We have excellent relationships with the crew and captains of the superyachts we charter for our clients. Our commitment to service means you can trust us with your vision and leave your celebration safe in our hands. We will ensure nothing is lost in translation and take care of all the logistics and admin. From managing your guest list to planning the timings, music, entertainment, food and beverage, we pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail.


Superyacht technology is growing faster than ever. When selecting the right yacht charter for your party, it’s important to think about what tech you need to perfect the experience. Some of the yachts we work with have been custom-designed with lighting that reflects the mood of each space. Superyachts equipped with emotional technology (E.T.) are improving every year, creating a truly immersive experience on board. Some yachts have an LED-sensitive dancefloor and video wall that reveal themselves after dark and change colour tone according to the style of the music. The inbuilt audio specification in the yachting industry is also improving, allowing DJs or live bands to plug in with just a laptop and deliver a concert-quality experience of your favourite music.  


Giving your superyacht party a theme (even if it’s something as simple as an elegant colour scheme) can be a great way to tie the event together and make the evening feel unique and personal. From the moment the bespoke party invitation arrives, a theme will connect your guests to the adventure ahead. We are masters in experiential travel, and we have years of expertise when it comes to planning the intricate details of a superyacht party.


Whether you are planning the ultimate dinner party or a wedding reception, we know which yachts will work best for the scale of your superyacht party so that your guests never feel cramped. Do you want a pool in the daytime that can turn into a dance floor at night? No problem!


Making sure your guests feel special from the very beginning is part of our TJB Super Yachts service. From bespoke packing lists sent before they arrive to beautiful luxury gift bags when they leave, we will take care of the little touches that make a big difference. We can arrange onboard beauticians and wellness facilities to keep guests feeling fresh and a host of entertainment options to surprise and delight them throughout the event. We will manage the personal requests of your guest list, including dietary requirements to ensure everyone feels relaxed and at home.


If your party continues into the next day, we will find a superyacht that includes everything you and your guests need to enjoy the water and sunshine. We’ll make sure you have space for sunbathing based on the number of guests, and a variety of superyacht water toys to enjoy the ocean. Most of our superyachts have spa-quality wellness rooms for deep relaxation after a night of dancing.

Are you thinking of planning a superyacht party? Get in touch with our experienced team of yacht brokers, and we will take care of all the details.

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