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The Best Islands in Thailand for a Yacht Charter

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The Best Islands in Thailand for a Yacht Charter

A yacht charter in Thailand is filled with possibilities. With hundreds of jewel-like islands scattered all along it’s coastline you can easily find the haven you’re seeking. There are white sand beaches lapped by turquoise waters, luxury resorts on secluded isles, a mesmerizing undersea world, and caves and jungles which beg to be explored. Whether you want total seclusion in your very own corner of paradise, or want to party the night away in tropical bliss, then Thailand’s islands will happily oblige. Here we cruise the Andaman Sea, taking a look at some of the best islands for a yacht charter.

Ko Racha Yai: Best for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

The waters of the Andaman Sea are almost glass-like, the life which thrums below it visible to the naked eye. Swirls of colourful coral and an abundant marine life make it one of the best places in the world to snorkel and scuba dive. The small island of Ko Racha Yai, just south of Phuket, is one of Thailand’s premier underwater destinations, with calm warm waters and diving and snorkelling sites to suit all levels of experience. Each day here brings new sub-aquatic adventures, from impressive shipwrecks to statues of temples and elephants, and great schools of iridescent fish, squid and stingrays.

Koh Similan: Best for Picturesque Beauty

Koh Similan, the largest of the Similan Islands group, has it all. Superb scuba diving and snorkelling? Check. The brightest turquoise sea lapping against sugar white sands? Check. Dramatic scenery, with great smoothed boulders and lush jungles? Check. For the perfect slice of everything that we love about Thailand’s Andaman Sea islands, then Koh Similan is a perfect choice. It also has an abundant wildlife including crab-eating monkeys, dusky langurs, squirrels, bats, lizards and several species of birds.

Koh Phanak: Best for Adventures

When adventure calls sail to the small, uninhabited island of Koh Phanak for Robin Crusoe-esque explorations. The interior is swathed in a blanket of thick forests, while the shoreline is pocked with amazing sea caves, many of which lead into mesmerizing hongs. Hongs are a unique geological phenomenon, where dreamy beaches and gardens are found hidden within rugged karst cliffs only accessible through sea caves. On Koh Phanak, explore by kayak and discover a hong filled with birds and lizards, or amazing caves dripping in stalactites and stalagmites.

Koh Yao Noi: Best for a Traditional Slice of Thailand

Tucked in Phang Nga Bay, this delightful island offers yacht guests to chance to experience a traditional side of Thailand. The island is home to some of the region’s most luxurious resorts, as well as sandy-tipped bays, mangroves and some outstanding snorkelling and diving opportunities. Yet a traditional way of life exists here too, with quaint fishing villages and traditional long-tail boats, and a farming community which continues the way it has done for centuries.

Koh Yao Yai: Best for Escaping the Crowds

There are many places in the Andaman Sea where you can get away from it all, and Koh Yao Yai is one of the least developed islands in the region. This large island is home to rubber plantations and coconut groves, and a strong fishing tradition, and offers a true off-the-radar experience for those looking for tropical bliss. Anchor off the mile upon mile of sandy beaches, or in the secluded coves and enjoy the serenity and lack of crowds. When it’s time for a little pampering you’ll find a sumptuous spa resort and sophisticated yet traditional Thai restaurants.

Phuket: The Best for Nightlife and Entertainment

Phuket needs little introduction, this vibrant, fun-loving island standing as one of Thailand’s most visited destinations. While its beaches will never be secluded, Phuket’s magnetism lies in its friendliness and ability to show visitors a laid-back good time. It makes the perfect base from which to start a yacht charter in the Andaman Sea, and the west coast has a number of large bays with good anchorages, as well as a good range of facilities.

Koh Lanta Yai: Best for Laid-Back Relaxation

Shimmering seas, dazzling white sand and the odd palm tree thrown in to create the perfect tropical idyll. This is what draws visitors to Koh Lanta Yai, one of the most laid-back islands in Phang Nga Bay, just off the coast of Krabi. The island is undeniably beautiful, with its jungly interior and powdery beaches, but there is more to Koh Lanta than its aesthetics. Discover the traditions of the Moken people, often referred to as the ‘sea gypsies’, famed for their free-diving skills, explore the lush forests, or simply watch the sun go down from one of the palm-thatched, sand-in-your-toes restaurants.

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