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5 Reasons Why You Should Charter a Superyacht in the Seychelles

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The 115 dazzling islands that make up the Seychelles are scattered across 455 square kilometres of sea in the heart of the shimmering Indian Ocean. The country is a sprawling landscape of incomparable beauty, a lush tropical paradise where powder-soft white sand beaches disappear into tranquil turquoise waters, and where the interiors teem with exotic plants and animals. The Seychelles islands are one of the world’s most exotic and far-flung yachting destinations, rewarding visitors with forest-tufted reef islands, refined luxury and up-close wildlife experiences.

1 The Country is Welcoming Superyachts with Open Arms

In the past few years the Seychelles have once again opened themselves up to superyachts, and today it is one of the most up-and-coming winter charter destinations. Brand new marinas have been built, the largest of which is the impressive Eden Island on the main island of Mahé. Able to accommodate yachts up to 115 metres in length, it offers excellent facilities in some of the most spectacular surroundings. For those wanting to get out into the heart of the Indian Ocean and island hop, there are deep coves and bays aplenty which make for idyllic anchorages.

For a time the region was plagued by reports of piracy, but huge efforts on behalf of the Seychelles government have eradicated the problem and the doors are once again open to superyachts to cruise safely through the pristine waters.

2 You Can Live Out Your Castaway Dreams (in Luxury)

Exploring the Seychelles will offer rewards whichever way you turn. The three main islands of Praslin, La Digue or Mahé are the most visited, with swirling soft beaches, dense jungle national parks and modern amenities (including the international airport). Blessed by a long history, it makes for a vibrant destination where mixed cultures of Creole, Indian, Asian and French have interwoven to create ancient traditions, flamboyant festivals and an eclectic cuisine.

For a genuine last frontier adventure however, the Outer Islands offer a swirl of mostly uninhabited, completely unblemished coral atolls. In this watery landscape, superyachts can discover their very own corner of paradise as they anchor in remote bays of turquoise. This untouched Lost World begs to be explored, from the far flung Cosmoledo Atoll, with its vast inner lagoon, to the 1 square kilometre Alphonse Island, and the 20 small islands of the Amirantes Group. Sparsely habited by humans, these islands are a haven for wildlife.

3 The Scuba Diving and Water Sports Opportunities are Out of this World

The Seychelles offer some of the most incredible scuba diving opportunities on the planet, the Indian Ocean supplying a buffet of nutrients which attracts turtles, fish, dolphins and the largest fish in the world, the whale shark. The coral atolls are ablaze with colour, where snorkelling or scuba diving will reveal a whole new world beneath the waves. On the Outer Islands, currents bring with them soaring manta rays and whitetip reef sharks, while all the reefs around all the islands are home to a carnival of colourful fish and inquisitive turtles.

If you’re considering a superyacht charter in the Seychelles then make sure the yacht has a well-stocked treasure chest of water toys. The crystal clear waters are perfect for windsurfing and sailing, gentle coastal kayak expeditions or serene paddle boarding expeditions. For those who prefer to stay above the waterline, the deep ocean offers a buffet of tuna, sailfish and giant trevally to haul in and hand to the chef to cook for dinner.

4 It has an Idyllic, Cyclone-Free Winter Season

The Seychelles are blessed with some of the most perfect weather on the planet, with an average annual temperature of between 25 and 30°C. The year-round warm climate is without extremes and, because they are located 4° south, all but the remotest southern atolls lie outside the cyclone belt. For superyachts this means an almost year-round season of balmy temperatures, fresh breezes and warm seas, ideal for escaping the cold winter months of the northern hemisphere.

Between the months of October and March the sea tends to be calm with warm, humid weather, although you can expect some rain in January and February. May through September sees the coolest and driest conditions of the year, although this is when gargantuan whalesharks make an appearance – a spectacle not to be missed.

5 The Wildlife is Staggering

In the great oceans and thick forests of the Seychelles, wildlife and endemic plants thrive. It is most famous for its population of giant tortoises, who live long and healthy lives on protected islands such as Curieuse or Moyenne, the smallest national park in the world with a fascinating history. Huge coconut crabs scuttle across the sand alongside 25 other species of crab, and carnivorous pitcher plants grow in the dense forests.

The Seychelles weren’t inhabited until the 18th century, and most of the islands remain so to this day. The result is a vast landscape of virgin terrain where wildlife and plants have been left to thrive as nature intended. Hike through the lush jungles of Mahé to the call of thousands of birds, or experience the thrill of seeing a whale shark or pod of dolphins in the waters of Port Launay Marine National Park. From bird watching on Aride Island, to seeing the turtles of Cousin Island, the Seychelles are a wildlife enthusiast’s dream.

To find out more about superyacht charter in the Seychelles please get in touch with the team at TJB Super Yachts and we can start planning an unforgettable, tropical holiday.

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