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The Monaco Yacht Show: Driving Innovation

On the 25th September the Monaco Yacht Show will fling open its doors for the 29th time, the world’s second smallest country hosting the biggest and most prestigious yachting event in the world. During four dazzling, event-packed days the show will play host to the industry’s key players, where more than 125 superyachts – over 40 of them world launches – will shoe-horn themselves into Port Hercules to rapturous admiration. It is the date on the calendar which no-one – industry professional or esteemed client – can afford to miss. But why is the Monaco Yacht Show such a profoundly important event? We take a look at how the MYS has become the heart of the superyacht industry.

A Platform for Innovation

A year is a long time in the superyacht world. With the evolution of technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, the show gives the industry’s top shipyards and suppliers the opportunity to unveil their hard work and, more importantly, to keep clients up to speed. It ensures customers are kept ahead of the curve, bringing them into the sphere of design and development, and allowing them to be there for the unveiling. Of course business-to-business negotiations play a hugely important role in pushing the industry forward but, ultimately, the MYS puts the customers at the heart of the action.

The yachts launched here push the boundaries of superyacht architecture, design and engineering, standing at the forefront of innovation. Take this year’s much anticipated explorer yacht Bold by SilverYachts which will be launched at the show. Designed by Espen Øino she is revolutionary in her styling, which is described by the Australian yard as a “fast world explorer vessel with a genuine, fully-fledged superyacht finish”. On this global platform shipyards can show to the world, both their clients and competitors, that they are at the forefront of superyacht evolution.

For competition plays an important role too. Exhibitors know they need to be their very best to compete at the MYS, and the annual date drives that innovation at a fast pace. This competitive atmosphere is palpable, but healthy and celebrated. In an industry where only the very best will do, the MYS is the embodiment of that.

A Front Row Seat to Newest Yachts on the Market

Yacht owners or those dipping their toes in for the first time are honoured at this celebration of all things superyacht. For everyone at the MYS understands that they stand at the heart of the industry. With the great unveiling of countless vessels, the 30,000 attendees of the show are given a front row seat, not just to what’s on offer, but what’s to come. “If you wanted to see even a selection of the new boats on offer at the MYS you’d need to spend the better part of a year travelling to shipyards across the world” says Tim Johnson, Founder and CEO of TJB Superyachts. “At the MYS the shipyards bring the yachts to the clients, allowing our brokers to show prospective clients the newest and most exemplary fleet of yachts anywhere on the planet”.

Whether the yachts are for sale or not isn’t always relevant. For those embarking on a custom-build project the new launches exemplify what’s possible, offering a showroom of inspiration. Tim Johnson at TJB explains; “During these four days we can make months of headway in a custom-build project, arranging meetings with everyone from shipyards, to interior designers, helicopter manufacturers and captains and crew”.

A Welcome into the World of Superyacht Charter

The superyacht world is a niche and elite sphere, and entering it can at times feel overwhelming. This is especially so for first-time charterers who can feel daunted by the sheer choice and variety, as well as the belief that chartering a yacht is a complicated process. A simple internet search reveals a bewildering array of conflicting information.

Tim Johnson at TJB Super Yachts believes in the power of the MYS to welcome newcomers into the yachting lifestyle; “The MYS is the perfect opportunity for clients to visit a number of yachts with our expert brokers” he says. “We know that our clients are looking for discreet holidays with impeccable service which will ultimately bring happiness to themselves and their families. The MYS allows our brokers to guide first-time charterers through the process, escorting them to possible charter yachts and bringing them into the world of cruising.”

Yet it’s not just being able to visit numerous yachts which is important for first-time or seasoned charterers according to Tim; “The very atmosphere of the show itself ignites a sense of excitement, the soirees and events contributing to a sense of belonging in something which may until now may have felt alien and unfamiliar.”

A Celebration of the Superyacht Lifestyle

The MYS is one long celebration. It celebrates technology and invention, and it celebrates hard work and dedication. It brings together professionals from across multiple sectors to rejoice in business deals achieved and forward-thinking plans hatched. And it celebrates an industry which, for the elite few, has become a lifestyle. With the success of the show’s Starboard exhibition space, where the luxury lifestyle is honoured, as well as the Toys and Tenders Zone, where niche brands and tailor-made cars, helicopters and high-tech gadgets are revealed, the MYS is the bespoke show designed for the new generation of superyacht customers.

To arrange sales or charter viewings at the Monaco Yacht Show please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced brokers at TJB Superyachts.

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