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Top 10 Dive Sites in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean yacht charters give you the chance to enjoy the astounding beauty of the landscape, the delectable cuisines and the ancient cities of Europe. But they can also transport you to incredible underwater destinations, where a whole world beneath the waves is waiting to be explored. Check out our list of the top 10 dive sites in the Mediterranean, and be sure to ask us about incorporating diving on your next charter with TJB Superyachts. We have yachts equipped with the very latest in diving equipment, as well as experienced guides and instructors so everyone can experience the beauty and serenity of the underwater world.

Medes Islands, Spain

This protected marine reserve just off the coast near Girona is one of the Mediterranean’s prettiest dive sites, and one of Europe’s most biodiverse. Sea grass meadows and caves filled with tunnels are home to breeding groupers, schools of sardines, anchovies, eagle rays, barracuda and rockfish. Lucky divers might even spot a dolphin or sunfish, and the enormous Dolphin Cave is unmissable for its chimneys and windows.

Malta and Comino

In the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is one of Europe’s most outstanding dive destinations. In Gozo, its famous Blue Hole and Azure Window are iconic, the rock formations creating iridescent colours, adventure-filled swim-through’s, and giant schools of bream and damselfish. Yet wreck dives abound too, with the P29 German patrol boat and British Blenheim Bomber top of the list. Marine life in Malta and Gozo is thriving, with octopus, barracuda, sharks, dolphins and turtles often sighted.

MS Zenobia Wreck, Cyprus

The Mediterranean’s most famous wreck dive is the 178 metre MS Zenobia, a ferry which sank near Larnaca on her maiden voyage in 1980. Her sheer size means she is suitable for both beginner and experienced divers, with plenty to see and explore. Moray eels have made a home amongst the cars, trucks and cargo which still remain on the wreck, and experience divers can descend to 42metres where she rests on the sea floor.

Secca della Colombara, Ustica, Italy

Divers get the best of all underwater worlds at this calm dive site off the coast of Italy’s beautiful Ustica island. There are steep walls adorned with brightly coloured corals and sponges, caverns filled with nudibranchs, gorgonians and crustaceans, and even several shipwrecks. For an excellent shallow dive, explore the 74 metre ship which sank in 2005 and sits in 20 metres of water. Known as the ‘Black Pearl’ for its volcanic rocks, Ustica is undoubtedly one of the Mediterranean’s best dive destinations.

Kas, Turkey

Turkey’s warm, clear waters – we’re talking visibility up to 40 metres – are fast becoming one of the Mediterranean’s most up-and-coming dive destinations. In Kas on the Aegean coast, reefs, drop-offs, caves and wrecks are home to hawksbill turtles, moray eels, octopus, rays and nudibranchs. Discover everything from 2,000 year old Roman amphorae, to light aircraft, Ottoman wrecks, and plenty of walls and pinnacles teeming with fish.

Premuda, Croatia

Premuda in Croatia’s driatic Sea offers one of the country’s finest dive sites: the Cathedral, or ‘Katedrala’. An interconnected cave system at 10-30 metres of depth is illuminated like the stained glass windows of a cathedral as light pours in through the ceilings. Octopuses, spider crabs, rainbow wrasse and colourful sponges can be spotted here. Outside of the caves there are some fascinating World War I and II wrecks to explore.

Sardinia, Italy

Plunging into the twinkling azure seas of Sardinia are immense cliffs which make for adventure-filled dives. On the island’s eastern coast caves, tunnels and drop-offs can be found alongside gentle shore dives, and incredible historic wrecks. The Grotta del Nereo is one of the region’s most famous dives, the vast series of caves and tunnels home to lobsters, octopus, red coral, nudibranchs and the largest mussel species in the world. Divers can experience the abundant marine life in the protected Archipelago of the Maddalena and the Marine Park of Lavezzi, or meet the colony of 50 vast groupers at Grouper Reef.

Chios, Greece

One of the most highly rated dive destinations in Greece and indeed Europe are the waters around the island of Chios in the Aegean Sea. Here divers will find a smorgasbord of underwater wonders, from historic shipwrecks to caverns and walls. The Great Wall is one of Chios’ premier dive sites, the sheer cliff alive with brightly coloured corals and marine life. Huge schools of wrasses, perches and tunnies shimmer in the sunlight, and turtles are sometimes spotted too. For the luckiest of divers, the boat trip to the dive sites might even reveal a passing sperm whale.

Alexandria, Egypt

Dive into history in Alexandria on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast. These shallow dives near the harbour are filled with ancient wrecks, hundreds of Greco-Roman amphorae, relics from Napoleon’s fleet, and the ancient ruins of Cleopatra’s Palace. From World War II British planes to vast statues of the Sphinx, these gentle dives are accessible to all divers, bringing to life the rich history of the region.

The Costa del Sol, Spain

The Atlantic pours into the Mediterranean here, bringing with it nutrients and a flourishing marine life. Experienced divers can head to Tarifa, the point where an ocean meets a sea in a flurry of currents, while La Costa Tropical, which is home to Europe’s first marine park, is a paradise of bath-warm waters and visibility up to 30 metres. Expect to see dolphins and nudibranchs, and everything in between.

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