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Top Tips for a successful first charter experience

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Which yacht, where to go, and how to begin the process of chartering a superyacht. In order to ensure a successful and exciting first-time charter, familiarise yourself with some of the key aspects to think about when booking a charter. The importance of understanding how to plan the perfect yacht charter is crucial in ensuring you and your guests can enjoy a relaxing exciting superyacht charter that features all your requested highlights. From specific dreamy destinations to fun-filled activities, your luxury private yacht charter is the perfect opportunity to travel to luxurious destinations, create lasting memories and unique experiences with your guests. 

Choose your charter broker carefully

You have decided you want to book a superyacht charter, but you aren’t sure what the next steps are to ensure this exciting gateway can be organised seamlessly. The first step is to find a yacht broker,  essentially an industry expert who will provide knowledge, support, and first-hand experience when it comes to booking your luxury holiday. Finding a broker who speaks your language and understands your requirements is extremely important, especially if this is your first-time charter experience. The information and choice can be overwhelming, so it’s crucial that there is trust between the broker and yourself.

It’s important to find a yacht that suits your every need and requirement, to reach that stage you must first have a solid relationship with a broker. From expertise in legalities, such as contracts and escrow accounts, to unbiased advice from the beginning to the very end of your charter. The best yacht broker for you will spend time understanding your requests and then provide a selection of yachts, charter ideas, and help to create the perfect experience for you and your charter guests. Your first private superyacht charter is a thrilling experience and with the help of a professional broker, the charter will be seamless and stress-free.

How to choose the RIGHt yacht for you

Choosing the right yacht can seem like a daunting task, but with consideration for your key requirements and with the help of your dedicated broker, the prospect will become a lot simpler. The major points to consider are budget, size, yacht style, and holiday desires.

Firstly, when it comes to budget, it’s important to consider any extra fuelling and berthing costs, as well as a rough expenditure, this will also allow your yacht selection to be narrowed down. The size of the yacht is also important, depending on the number of guests, your preference for deck space or interior layout, this is often subjective depending on the age and style of the yacht. This leads to the final key factor, which is holiday style: are you an avid sailor who would like to island-hop onboard your luxury sailing yacht or would you prefer the privacy and exclusivity of a luxury motor yacht?

Understanding charter costs

Planning and booking your luxury superyacht charter is an exciting time, however, it’s important to be fully aware of what is included in the costs.

There are three key elements to consider when chartering a superyacht the base charter fee, the APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) and VAT/Tax. The base charter fee in essence covers the yacht, along with her equipment, crew, and yachts’ insurance. This may be negotiable depending on demand, dates and individual circumstances and is high or low season dependent.

Secondly, the APA covers all operational expenses including fuel, berthing, crew and yachts’ insurance. which is there to help track estimated extra expenses the captain can use this money to pay for fuel and port fees. This is usually between 25-35% of the base charter fee, and anything not used is returned to you at the end of the charter. Then, you have VAT/Tax that applies in most locations, where the majority will have a VAT that goes on top depending on where the charter starts. Lastly, you have VAT which depends on the country of embarkation (not disembarkation) in the European Union. Other countries have various cruising taxes.

Another cost to bear in mind is the delivery fee, which may be applied to charters that require the yacht to start or finish away from the yachts home port. The cost of the charter will vary depending on seasons, for example, if you choose to cruise around the Mediterranean in the high season of summer or coincide your charter with a major event, the overall charter fee tends to be higher. As well as the crew tip where 5-15% is standard but discretionary.

Although the various costs can seem confusing, you will have an experienced yacht broker to ensure a smooth and seamless charter is booked and organised for you.

Activities Onboard

A luxurious superyacht charter offers the ultimate platform to unwind and relax or make the most of some adrenaline-fuelled fun. It is crucial to communicate with your broker as to what type of charter you are looking for. You may be looking for a family-friendly trip, couples retreat, or perhaps you are looking to party the nights away on expansive decks and interiors, with impressive hosting spaces. All of this can be arranged alongside a knowledgeable crew.

Each superyacht charter offers its own unique selection of activities onboard. Whether you’re a first-time charterer or a seasoned regular, choosing a yacht that has your desired activities available plays a large role in your overall experience. From adrenaline-fuelled activities such as wave runners, inflatable toys, and seabobs, to fully equipped gyms and bubbling jacuzzis.

Choosing a destination and date – With multiple charter destination options

Some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse locations are best explored from superyacht. Narrow down your search by the best seasonal charter times, whether you wish to spend your summer cruising in the Mediterranean from June-September or winter in the Caribbean, choosing your cruising destination is a key step in solidifying your charter. Perhaps you have a special event in mind in which you’d like to attend from the luxury of your own superyacht.

The importance of booking well in advance is even more crucial if you are wishing to join either a corporate event or a major sporting event, such as the Monaco Grand Prix. The cruising area also needs to be considered, there are so many exciting destinations to be explored and TJB Super Yachts are on hand to narrow down your search.

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