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Why Superyachts are the New Health Retreat

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Flee from the city and jump aboard a safety bubble. Undergo a mind and body metamorphosis and get fit in a haven of luxury.

Waterline Gym on a Superyacht

Superyacht waterline gym. Photo credit: Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors

With the pandemic restricting access to health spas and gyms, superyacht charters are a popular choice for those looking to incorporate their love of the ocean with keeping fit. Charter yachts are the ultimate retreat to undergo a complete body and mind metamorphosis.

Ensuing travel restrictions enforced by the Government has stirred a strong sense of the nation feeling ‘penned in’. Spas and health retreats all remain in a state of flux, and the novelty of training at home is starting to wear thin. Propping a laptop on a pile of books to follow yoga videos is far from ideal. Being in the right environment is paramount to feeling inspired and achieving fitness results.

While the travel industry lays dormant, most superyachts remain fully crewed and operational, offering the perfect escape. Cruising on a yacht is the ideal way to ease tension and relieve stress triggered by the pandemic. Most marinas have lifted restrictions, and in instances where those arriving from countries deemed as ‘high risk’, yacht charter companies can provide a contingency plan by rerouting to an alternative destination. Some charter yacht companies, such as TJB Super Yachts appreciate that the best-laid plans don’t always work out, which is why their charters offer penalty-free cancellations as standard.

Chartering a superyacht is often considered to be one of the safest ways to enjoy a vacation due to the controlled environments and limited contact with the outside world. Guests can  safeguard in immaculately-clean environments while minimising the need to frequent public areas where risks naturally increase. Broker Manager Jeroen Out at TJB Super Yachts comments, “A superyacht holiday is a prudent choice. Why would you risk staying in a hotel? On a yacht guests and crew have been adequately tested, forming a protective bubble. Nobody from the outside needs to step onboard.”

As a result of increased gym, spas and holiday operators closing their doors, TJB Super Yachts have seen an uptick in clients seeking an ‘activity’ focused holiday. Guests enjoy getting fit while creating unforgettable memories. For example, swimming laps above the coral reef alongside exotic marine life is calming on the mind.

A typical day on a yacht may begin with sunrise yoga on the sundeck, before having a fruit platter on the outdoor salon. Superyachts don’t label themselves as ‘health retreats’ because yacht life is more about embracing a balanced lifestyle. However, there is a clear connection between the way clients look and feel after leaving the yacht.

Woman practicing yoga on a superyacht

There is not a conscious agenda to ‘get fit’, however the environment is conducive to being outdoors and active. Particularly because everything is one place. For those in pursuit of good health, the convenience of having a gym forty paces away from your bedroom is motivating. Even guests who don’t usually frequent the gym are spurred into action.

Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors designs some of the most spectacular superyacht gyms in the world. Their clients very much view their superyacht gym as their castle. Edward Thomas, Managing Director, comments on the perks of having a dedicated gym onboard: “Creating the perfect environment means that clients completely lose track of time when they are working out. Enjoying the gym is contingent on making gyms an engaging and rewarding experience. The visual stimulus of the sea in waterline gyms is quite cinematic.”

Sculpt your Body Playing on Toys

Three people surfing on powered boards from a superyacht

Play on superyacht toys and leave your phone behind. Photo credit: SSYT

The secret to staying fit is to participate in exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore and playing in the ocean is a great remedy for those that are gym averse. The mental benefits are far greater too. Revolutionary sea toys have taken inconceivable concepts such as flying on water and made them achievable. A morning paddleboard or a surf into the beach offers the opportunity to have some alone time without interruptions. Kayaking and paddle boarding are a great way of toning the upper body and strengthening the core. The constant twisting and pushing paddles through the water burns a lot of energy. Paddle boarding is particularly good for improving balance and flexibility.

Being outdoors and close to nature has huge mental health benefits including cognitive functioning, and emotional wellbeing. The mineral-rich seawater acts as a natural tonic for the body and mind. Josh Richardson from SSYT comments on the merits in partaking in water sports: “One of the best ways to switch off and focus on being present is by being active and partaking in a sport which is all-encompassing like sailing or kitesurfing. The ultimate ocean work-out involves different types of toys, which focus on different parts of your body. Playing with an inflatable slide park is great fun and will strengthen your body from head to toe.”

Some of the larger boats such as giga-yachts and superyachts provide holistic therapies onboard which encourage detoxification of lactic acid and waste from the body, boosts energy levels, and aids digestion. Massage treatments work on a dual level, by improving mental and physical benefits, particularly beneficial for anybody who is suffering from ‘burn-out.’ Massage can help alleviate guest mental fatigue, and improves concentration providing a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Taking a holistic approach to our bodies and minds and working with nutrition, exercise and spa therapy, the environment provided by a privately chartered yacht is ideal for a health retreat as it encapsulates the elements that we seek.

Eat Well, Feel Great.

When food is fresh and flavoursome and prepared by some of the most talented private chefs in the world it is easy to eat healthily. TJB Super Yacht chefs are avid supporters of local farmers and businesses, and excel in offering dietary requirements including vegan, raw, paleo, or gluten-free too. They can produce exceptional dishes, using the freshest and organic ingredients available in the world. TJB has seen an uptick in clients seeking healthy diets, and it has become increasingly common for guests to request a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The expectation is that jet-setters will turn the dial and embrace a more sustainable way of travelling. The slower pace of life and tranquillity achieved in a safe environment that a superyacht charter offers is unparalleled in the current climate.

Guests have told TJB Super Yachts that they have “Stepped off the boat feeling ten years younger”- glowing with radiant skin and sculpted bodies, the result of being well-rested, disconnected from technology, and embracing healthy food and an active lifestyle.

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