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TJB Super Yachts’ 2020 Review

What a year it’s been. Hard and challenging in equal measure but, thankfully for us all, ending on a positive note as we see a clearer path ahead with access to approved Covid vaccinations and a return to a more ‘normal’ life beyond.

Despite the turmoil, TJB Super Yachts have been thrilled to see that private yacht charters have provided a welcome breath of fresh air for many this year, permitting families to travel and relax in a bubble of luxury.

Additionally, this summer we have seen strong demand for charter bookings in more remote destinations, with clients trying to avert busy spots typically found around the French Riviera, opting to go to Croatia and Greece as alternative destinations. Both countries were early adopters of preventative measurements which allowed them to open up more for tourism during the summer. Furthermore, these countries have a lot to offer to yacht charterers in terms of small, quiet islands, protective coves and bays, providing total privacy.

Looking ahead to 2021, as the world looks to open up again, we are already seeing this year’s new clients re-booking, eager to secure an escape and to travel once again!

Importantly, we continue to work tirelessly with owners and yacht managers to guarantee the utmost flexibility with new charters when rebooking or amending charter plans affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring that protection is in place to cover any further eventuality.

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Jet-setters Turn Green

The expectation is that jet-setters will continue to turn the dial and embrace a more sustainable way of travelling. The yachting industry has accelerated their sustainable offerings, with a vast range of charters now available in eco-friendly ‘hybrid’ models, using recyclable materials and filtration systems installed that lower levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx). With the right combination of hybrid systems, yachts operate more efficiently and reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%. TJB are proud to represent a vast range of sustainable charter yachts for a more eco-friendly holiday.

Please find a selection of sustainable yachts available to charter with TJB Super Yachts below:


Using the strapline of Silent Yachts ‘the only footprint you leave behind are those in the sand’.  They are fully solar sustainable and powered by solar energy, instead of traditional diesel or gas engines: transport by yacht without noise or exhaust.


Available to run in a number of modes including traditional mode, buster mode, diesel-electric mode which allow for differing levels of fuel–saving and reduced noise levels. But it is in the Hybrid mode that Binator really shows its eco–technology credentials.  In Hybrid mode, the electric motor works as an alternator and generates the electrical power needed to run the second electric motor for propulsion and yacht needs.


Recently the Wider 165 yacht has been fitted with a new power management system that enables the vessel to cruise for more than 4 hours at 5 knots without producing any emissions.


The Spirit 111 eco yacht has been built as an eco-friendly yacht. The owner, under the guidance of Spirit Yachts, has designed a yacht that not only minimises energy consumption during operation but by worked sustainable materials during the construction phase, it makes it one of the most sustainable superyachts.


She was built using engines that are fully compliant with the new International Maritime Organization directives on “clean exhaust”. These measures will be in force from 2021 onwards, so Baba is the first Pleasure Craft to embrace this technology more than two years ahead of the upcoming global standards.


The Edit. Castaway Escapes

Here’s a preview of TJB’s 2021 Recommendations, offering total privacy and seclusion in the most idyllic locations.

‘The New Riviera’

Idyllic coastline on Greek Island

Holidays to the Greek Islands are all about taking it easy and moving at a glacial pace. Perfect for a romantic trip for two, couples can discover the Greek Islands which offer beautiful scenery, sunsets over sleepy white-washed villages and rugged mountains, completely undisturbed. The Greek islands are the celebrated new riviera, suited to island hopping on a superyacht, the famously beautiful Ionian Islands are a great place to start. Begin in Corfu or Lefkada and then meander through turquoise seas, stopping off at each of the seven larger islands and some of the smaller ones along the way. Paxoi and Antipaxoi make excellent sailing destinations and remain relatively unspoilt by mass tourism.

Cruise the Neighbouring Islands of Corsica and Sardinia

Sailing Yacht cruising in Corsica and Sardinia

For those seeking a fun-filled family holiday, we hosted a great family charter between Corsica/Sardinia this summer which was an enormous success. Jutting out from the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea between France and Italy, Corsica is famed throughout Europe for its stunning scenery, quaint mountain villages and secluded coves. Its Italian neighbour, Sardinia is famed for its great crystal-clear blue beaches and rustic countryside.

Splash Time

An easy win to keep the entire family entertained is to organise a bespoke water park. Its what children’s dreams are made of! Playing with an inflatable slide park is huge fun for all of the family, regardless of your age!

Aquaglide available through SSYT

Photo credit: SSYT

Croatia’s Endless Allure

Yacht at anchor in the Dalmatian Islands

The Dalmatian Islands are rich in history and some date as far back as 100BC. Small islands are perfect for yacht-hopping your way through a holiday. The beaches are dazzling and you can also enjoy exploring quaint fishing villages and quiet corners off the beaten track.

The Eco-Friendly Toy of 2021

Revolutionary sea toys have taken inconceivable concepts such as flying on water and made them achievable. The toy of choice for 2021 is the Quadrofoil watercraft. This revolutionary watercraft is fully electric-powered and entirely environmentally friendly using a technique called hydrofoiling, allowing you to fly on the water’s surface. At full speed, the Quadrofoil can accelerate up to 21 knots. 

Quadrofoil watercraft by Quadrofoil

Quadrofoil watercraft by Quadrofoil

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