DRW Interview with Tim Johnson | TJB Super Yachts

In a candid conversation with DRW Communications, Tim Johnson, the visionary founder of TJB Super Yachts, discusses his journey from the British Army to the world of superyacht brokerage. He shares how his values from a career in luxury jet sales seamlessly translated into the superyacht industry, stating, “both require client-centric operations; it’s key to understand the individual’s needs, preferences, and desires, and tailor your approach to exceed expectations.” Tim also champions a boutique and independent approach to superyacht brokerage, emphasizing a personalized service that “keeps clients closely engaged throughout virtually every step of the journey.”

Moreover, Tim sheds light on TJB Super Yachts’ strategic expansion to Palm Beach, Florida, where he notes, “over 50% of the TJB Super Yacht clientele is USA based,” highlighting the region’s role as a burgeoning hub for the superyacht industry. Tim’s insights provide a glimpse into TJB’s unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and their astute response to the growing demand in the USA.

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