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Jeroen Out

Head of Operations & Partner

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Jeroen Out, TJB Super Yachts Team

Jeroen prides himself in always being available to clients, and always putting them first in any negotiation. Following a degree in International Business, he has dedicated four professional years to super yachting, originally as an intern, followed by yacht marketing and now as a broker and client representative.

Having travelled the world, the allure of the South of France and Monaco is still strongest for Jeroen, whilst to unwind he recommends the crystal waters of the Dalmatian Coast; Montenegro and Croatia. What he loves about the superyacht experience is that every day is unique.

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Telephone: +31 6814 75029

Languages: English, Dutch

Location: Netherlands


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We are a young and dynamic team, and we pride ourselves on being available to our clients at any time. We have an excellent relationship with our yachts owners and their representatives, which is vital in being able to negotiate the best rates on the best yachts for our clients. We stay up to date on industry developments and are able to provide our clients with quick and accurate responses through access to a high-end intelligence platform.  

I truly enjoy working with the TJB team in this very competitive and fast-moving business. We genuinely work together to provide the best solutions to our clients and owners. I thrive on the fact that no two days are ever the same, and it gives me great pride and joy to have played a role in building this company into what it is today.  

I am immensely proud of my part in the company’s technology management, development and implementation. We consistently invest in the latest technology and integrated management systems which improve our efficiency. That ultimately benefits our clients which is always our main goal.  

Crew, crew and crew. The attentiveness of the crew and their ability to cater to your specific needs will turn a good charter into a superb charter. They really do make or break a charter, and our brokers ensure they spend time getting to know the crew and what they can offer so they can best match the yacht and the charterer. Obviously, the food, destination, toys and amenities play a big role too, but the crew is the most important aspect in my opinion.  

I simply love Croatia and Greece. With so many islands to explore each exuding their own characters, there is so much to see and do. From stunning beaches to little tavernas tucked into quaint fishing villages, or the larger, more upmarket islands with a good nightlife, there is something for everyone. And the water is just so amazingly clear! While they are popular charter destinations, they are nowhere near as busy as the South of France.  

I would have to choose Feadship as they create such beautiful prestige yachts, each with their own unique features. They have excellent design and build qualities. Plus, they’re Dutch like me!  

Again, my answer here would be an excellent crew who could cater to my interests and style of service.  I think a good sound system is also important for evening parties anchored off the coast of somewhere exotic. And I love water toys such as Jet skis, so I would make sure it had those in the toy locker too.  

I would always advise that a prospective buyer takes their time, and doesn’t rush the process. It takes a long time from beginning to end to buy a yacht, and you want to ensure that not only is it the right yacht for you, but that the process is enjoyable. Listen to your broker because they genuinely have your best interests at heart and know the industry inside out.  

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