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Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix – 23-26 May 2019

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The Formula 1 Grand Prix season is in full gear, with drivers and teams battling it out for points and coveted titles. And, on 26th May, nowhere will that war of wheels be more anticipated than in Monaco.

It’s the race everyone wants to win. The slowest, yet most challenging circuit there is. Glamorous and demanding in equal measures, the Monaco Grand Prix is a true highlight of the Grand Prix season, and one not to be missed. The weekend begins on 23rd May, with the race on Sunday 26th May.

The whine and screech of the cars soaring through the world famous turns and past Monaco’s iconic landmarks are almost deafening, the excitement and adrenaline palpable as spectators get up-close to the action. From Casino Square to the narrow tunnel, past the luxurious yachts lined up along the quays of Port Hercules, and through the world famous Hairpin, the track is filled with legendary corners.

The Most Challenging Race on the F1 Circuit

The race is 78 laps long, with drivers sweating through a staggering 3,340 km of twists and turns. It is a circuit which has changed little since its first race in 1950. The track weaves through the principality, where the Prince’s Palace, St Nicholas Cathedral and Old Town are within touching distance. World famous corners include the Hotel de Paris, the Mirabeau, the Virage Fairmont – the slowest turn of the race – the Swimming Pool, Rascasse, and Anthony Noghes. Cars then race down the line of the stands to the thunder of the crowds, before diving back into the labyrinthine track once again.

Some of the greatest names in Formula 1 have stood on the podium at Monaco, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Graham Hill among them. In 2018 Daniel Ricciardo took home the trophy for Red Bull. Who will reign victorious in 2019? Top teams and drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel will be vying for top spots. But the difficulty in passing, and high number of cars which retire means it’s anyone’s game in Monaco. Hang tight, race smart and anyone could win.

Enjoy a Poll Position Seat with TJB

Spend a weekend soaking up the adrenaline-fuelled atmosphere and watching one of the world’s greatest motor races with TJB’s Monaco Grand Prix Charter Package. From your vantage point on board a 47 metre luxury superyacht moored in the prestigious Zone 1, you’ll have the best seat in the house. Hear the deafening roar of engines as the cars fly past Port Hercules, enjoy a full weekend race pass, a Q&A with an F1 legend and a lavish buffet lunch.

When the race is over, Monaco bursts into celebration, and you’ll be at the heart of the glittering superyacht soirees as the yacht hosts a DJ party attended by celebrities. It’s a weekend never to be forgotten, where the thrill of the race and the glamour of Monte Carlo come together to create one of the most electrifying atmosphere’s on the planet.

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