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Navigating Northern Norway’s Fjords with Rupert

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In a time where space and seclusion reigns coveted, Norway’s majestic waterways provide a striking backdrop for luxurious escapism and to escape the ordinary. Northern Norway is a yacht charter destination which offers both awe-inspiring vistas and an abundance of opportunities for adventure; be it on land discovery or exploring by water. Activities such as hiking and mountain biking, exploring local towns, kayaking, fishing expeditions for cod and maceral, not least to mention the wildlife and peacefulness of the area. Existing to facilitate adventurous on the water exploration, HANSE EXPLORER is the perfect explorer charter yacht from which to experience unprecedented freedom on an adventure yacht charter.

This yacht is built for exploration, and she’s designed to do it from Antarctica all the way to the Tropics – a true explorer yacht that has superyacht levels of accommodation and service. One of her top features is her full suite of diving. Norway is one of those destinations where you will not see another yacht for weeks. If you are looking for adventure, beauty and to be immersed in nature, this is perfect yacht charter destination for you.

Rupert Wakeley, Charter Broker

Rupert Wakeley Norway, HANSE EXPLORER

We arrived in the town of Bodø, one of the largest towns in Nordland County and embarkation point for this expedition charter onboard explorer yacht HANSE EXPLORER, which serves as a gateway to Saltfjorden and the surrounding waterways boasting breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife.

One of the notable features of Saltfjorden is its connection to the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle crosses the fjord near its mouth, marking the southern boundary of the Arctic region. This geographical significance adds to the allure of Saltfjorden for travelers interested in exploring the Arctic wilderness.

Arriving onboard we were greeted by Captain Andriy whose knowledge of this complex region matched the expertise of this expedition yacht. The vessel’s rugged exterior belies a refined interior and top amenities, and so we settled into life onboard seamlessly.

Once anchored in our first night’s sheltered bay, we were unable to resist diving off HANSE EXPLORER for an invigorating swim in these Arctic waters.

We had the pleasure of waking up to a new mist-shrouded mountain range and different chorus of wildlife each morning. When raising the anchor cruising through the perfect stillness of Northern Norway’s fjords, we were enveloped by towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls and dramatic landscapes offering awe and adventure in equal measure.

“With the addition of a full-size sauna and jacuzzi on the upper deck and numerous relaxation zones, HANSE EXPLORER is the perfect luxury yacht for anyone wanting to explore the remote corners of our world in style.”

HANSE EXPLORER, Norway Wildlife

“I feel incredibly lucky to have cruised here, the sheer scale of the Fjords is mind-blowing. If you’ve experienced a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean and are looking to level-up your experience, Norway is the destination for your next yacht charter.”

Rupert Wakeley, Charter Broker

Images Courtesy of Luke Maximo Bell


Day 2 took us to the picturesque fishing village of Rosvik. Known for its tranquil atmosphere, Rosvik is perfect for those seeing a peaceful retreat in nature during your yacht charter.

One of the prominent features of Rosvik is its proximity to the Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park, which encompasses diverse landscapes ranging from coastal areas to mountainous terrain, making it an excellent starting point for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching.

Making the most of the clear weather window, we were quick to tender ashore for a hike, discovering the regions rich wildlife. Renowned for its diverse flora and fauna, the national park is home to various wildlife species, including reindeer, moose, and a variety of birds.

In addition to its natural beauty, Rosvik has a rich cultural heritage. The village is dotted with traditional Norwegian houses and cabins, providing visitors with an authentic experience of Northern Norwegian lifestyle. The locals are friendly and welcoming, often sharing stories about the village’s history and traditions. For the historians amongst you, due to the areas strategic position and resources, Rosvik became a target for German occupation where they established coastal defenses – which guests can explore today.

Located near the Arctic Circle, Rosvik is an ideal spot for observing the mesmerizing Northern Lights during the winter months. Charter guests can enjoy the aurora borealis dancing across the Arctic sky, creating a magical and unforgettable yacht charter experience.

HANSE EXPLORER Norway, On Land Explorarion

If you are searching for an extraordinary experience, a luxury trip to Northern Norway onboard a luxury explorer yacht offers a sublime blend of natural wonder and true escapism. Get in contact with Rupert Wakeley to hear more about his trip and begin planning your bespoke yacht charter into Norway’s Fjords for the ultimate summer yacht charter experience.

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