Discover Bimini Islands: A Bahamas Hotspot for a luxury yacht charter

Megan Cashmore’s tips for a yacht charter in Bimini

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Just a couple of hours from South Florida, Bimini is a chain of three tiny islands in the Bahamas (North Bimini, South Bimini, and East Bimini). Our yacht broker, Megan Cashmore, recently visited the Bimini islands to discover why they are becoming the next hotspot for luxury yachting experiences in the Bahamas. 

Bimini yacht charter

The journey to Bimini from South Florida is all part of the experience. This tiny chain of islands in the Bahamas is just over 40 miles from the coast of Florida, and the journey crosses some of the best waters for deep-sea fishing. Drop your line and sip on a cocktail while you wait for an exciting tug on the end of your fishing rod. If you’re lucky, you can dine on the freshest seafood prepared straight from the ocean to your plate before you’ve even arrived. Ernest Hemmingway put Bimini on the sport fishing map when he lived here in the late 1930s. Hemmingway fell in love with these islands and wrote about them in his posthumously published book, Islands in the Stream. If you want some of the best sports fishing in the Bahamas, Bimini is the palace to come.

One of the highlights of my trip to Bimini was a visit to the SS Sapona Shipwreck. The ship was built by Henry Ford during the First World War and ran aground in 1926 during a hurricane. Much of the ship is submerged, but parts of her are still above water, making this a very atmospheric snorkelling spot. I had an incredible experience snorkelling through the ship with stingrays and tropical fish all around. The water in Bimini is crystal clear, and the cruise out to the ship is beautiful as you can see right into the depths of the ocean. We also spent a day with a professional scuba guide swimming with sharks. It was an exhilarating adventure, and I will never look at these majestic creatures in the same way again. If you plan your yacht charter to Bimini in February, you might also catch a glimpse of hammerhead sharks. 

SS Sapona 2 Bimini

The vibe in Alice Town (the main settlement in North Bimini) is simple and laid-back. Think charming beach shacks with wooden benches and beautiful ocean views. I loved Stuart’s Conch Stand, which is right on the ocean. Stuart’s is famous for two things: Bahamian-style conch and lobster salad and a knockout Caribbean punch – I can verify that both are extremely tasty! Back on board, your captain will know the best spots for lobster hunting – you pick the lobster, and your amazing private chef will prepare the lobster meal of your dreams.

Marina Sunrise Bimini

As you would expect, the beaches in Bimini are spectacular. Your captain will drop anchor for beautiful picnic lunches on isolated sugar-white sand. You’ll discover remote beaches and reefs only accessible by boat and swim over kaleidoscopic reefs. I will never forget the sunsets in Bimini – they were simply breathtaking. We were often struck silent by the beauty of the changing colours of the sky and ocean as the sun sank into the horizon. 

I came home from Bimini feeling recharged and ready to go again. The island is charming and the islanders are warm and friendly with huge smiles that light up your day. The best thing about a private yacht charter with TJB Super Yachts is that we will plan all the special touches ahead of time. When you arrive in the Bahamas, you know all the little details have been put in place to make the adventure feel personal from day one. You can rest and enjoy your treasured holiday knowing you will see the best of Bimini. 



45 nautical miles from Miami

50 nautical miles from Fort Lauderdale 


South Bimini Airport (BIM) hosts private charter flights

There are daily scheduled flights from Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Nassau 


Browns Marina

Bimini Blue Water Marina 


If you’re thinking of adding a private villa rental in the Bahamas to your yachting holiday in Bimini, visit our sister company, TJB Private Travel. You’ll find our hand-picked collection of beautiful private houses in the Bahamas and beyond. We love the private island in the Bahamas, Over Yonder Cay. 

Thinking about the Bimini Islands for your next yacht charter? Get in touch and let’s start planning your yachting adventure. 

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