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Whatever type of yacht you are dreaming of, we can help you find it. Acquiring a yacht is the ultimate purchase. Powered by our intelligence platform, we can connect you with the global fleet of luxury superyachts for sale, including an extensive selection of off-market yachts you won’t see listed elsewhere. Browse our portfolio of luxury yachts for sale below or contact our brokers for an off-the-record recommendation.

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Purchasing a Superyacht Guides

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Your perfect adventure awaits on a luxury yacht. Whether you are new to the world of yachts or a seasoned pro, our yacht consultants are here to help at every stage of your yachting journey.

A World Of Options

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Whether you seek a sleek motor yacht, a luxurious sailboat, a cruising catamaran, or a state-of-the-art explorer yacht, a world of options awaits you. 

We understand that the choice of yachts to buy can be overwhelming. That’s why our superyacht sales team won’t just find you a yacht; we will work with you to find your ideal yacht. Then, we will expertly help you navigate the purchase process, providing you with advice at every stage. 

As a world-class authority in luxury superyacht sales, we deeply understand every aspect of the yacht ownership journey, from contract to crew. With TJB Super Yachts at your side you will benefit from our deep-rooted knowledge and far-reaching contacts, which enables us to stay up to date with the latest yachts on the market and better advise you with purchasing.

When you buy a luxury yacht with TJB Super Yachts, we will ensure the purchase runs smoothly while still being enjoyable.

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Enquire about purchasing a yacht with TJB Super Yachts and start your yachting journey today.

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