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Lolita Lindinaite

Social Media Executive

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Lolita, TJB Super Yachts Team

Lolita is TJB’s Social Media Executive, having completed a degree in interior design, Lolita has an eye for detail and a passion for design. Her previous experience in running social media platforms and creating content allows her to appreciate the detail and creativity that goes into design and luxury. Having spent time working with luxury hotels, the move to the yacht sector has allowed her to utilise her skills in social media, design, and photography.

Her in-depth understanding of what contributes to the growth and reach of each social media platform makes her a huge asset to the TJB team. Her forward-thinking approach paired with enthusiasm for the brand makes Lolita an exciting addition to TJB.

My Contact

Telephone: +44 207 183 4393

Languages: English, Lithuanian

Location: London, UK


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TJB ensures every client’s experience is unique and unforgettable and goes above and beyond to cater to their every need. I believe this attention to detail provided from start to finish makes TJB unique.

A highlight of my job is having the opportunity to create content that I get to design to then push out on our social media platforms for our audience. The creativity of the job means no two days are the same. From spectacular superyachts to the far-flung destinations, I truly enjoy the content and freedom of creativity.

I am most proud of expanding our social media presence and reaching a larger audience with exciting and up-to-date industry content. It’s also great to be able to support the yacht brokers with their social media and brand.

A great chef to prepare delicious meals, a bespoke itinerary, and a great crew onboard for a fun and relaxing charter.

I would have to say my favourite cruising destination is the Caribbean. The tropical sun kissed beaches and lively culture make it the perfect destination for a yacht charter to relax and simply have a good time.

Heesen is my favourite yacht manufacturer because of their futuristic design and high quality.

I would have to say it’s all about the interior. A luxurious modern style would be important, and then a relaxing sun deck and jacuzzi to soak in the sun. As well as an equipped gym to workout in!

I would recommend doing your research and find out what you like and dislike by chartering different yachts. There’s no better way to discover the right yacht for you than first-hand experience.

A unique fact about me is that I have two different coloured eyes (heterochromia). I would like to say that maybe this is what helps my attention to detail and design!

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